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Medical Education Training Program — Shoulder

Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy – The Cowboy Way

Thursday-Friday, April 1-2, 2021
Naples, FL



This technique-oriented program is designed to expose physician attendees to the latest surgical concepts in upper extremity surgical techniques. Practical hands-on lab and training sessions maximize physician exposure to the latest tools and techniques.




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Paul C. Brady, MD

Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics
Knoxville, TN

Fellowship: The San Antonio Orthopedic Group – Dr. Stephen Burkhart
San Antonio, TX

Patrick Denard, MD

Instructor, Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR

Fellowship: The San Antonio Orthopedic Group – Dr. Stephen Burkhart
San Antonio, TX
Fellowship: Shoulder Replacement – Dr. Gilles Walch
Lyon, France

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Paolo Arrigoni, MD

Orthopedic Institute of Gaetano Pini
Milan, Italy

Fellowship: The San Antonio Orthopedic Group – Dr. Stephen Burkhart
San Antonio, TX

James P. Bradley, MD

Head Team Physician, Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh, PA

Fellowship: Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic
Los Angeles, CA

Thomas M. DeBerardino, MD

The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group
San Antonio, TX

Fellowship: Keller Army Community Hospital
West Point, NY
Fellowship: US Army Institute of Surgey Research
San Antonio, TX


Clark Duchene, MD

Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center
Rapid City, SD

Fellowship: The University of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX

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James J. Guerra, MD

Head Team Physician Athletic Programs and Clinical Assistant Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers, FL

Fellowship: American Sports Medicine Institute
Birmingham, AL

Dan Guttmann, MD

Clinical Instructor, University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM

Fellowship: Total Joint Arthroplasty and Reconstruction – Joint Replacement Institute
Los Angeles, CA
Fellowship: Shoulder/Elbow – New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases
New York, NY

Pablo Narbona, MD

Sanatorio Allende
Córdoba, Argentina

Fellowship: The San Antonio Orthopedic Group – Dr. Stephen Burkhart
San Antonio, TX


BK Parsley, MD

Greenville, TN

Fellowship: The San Antonio Orthopedic Group – Dr. Stephen Burkhart
San Antonio, Texas


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David Richards, MD

WVU Medicine
Charles Town, WV

Fellowship: The San Antonio Orthopedic Group – Dr. Stephen Burkhart
San Antonio, TX


Anthony Romeo, MD

Executive Vice President, Musculoskeletal Institute, DuPage Medical Group
Chicago, IL

Fellowship: University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, WA


Day 1: Thursday, April 1, 2021
6:30 am   Breakfast
7:55 am Welcome
8:00 am The Cowboy Way
  Session I: Instability
8:10 am What’s New in Instability Solutions
8:20 am 2021 Arthroscopic Shoulder Pearls
8:30 am Assorted Tips and Pearls
8:40 am  Anterior Instability: First-Time Dislocator and Beyond
8:50 am Simplifying Posterior Instability
9:00 am Case Review Panel: Instability
9:20 am Case Review Panel: Glenoid Bone Loss/Complex Instability
Session II: SLAP, Biceps, and AC Joint
9:40 am SLAP Lesions: Repair vs Tenodesis
9:50 am Biceps Tenodesis Cascade:
  • Top-of-the-Groove Onlay
  • Top-of-the-Groove Inlay
  • Subpectoral
10:05 am AC Joint Update
10:15 am Rapid Fire Techniques:
  • Knotless Instability
  • Remplissage
  • Latarjet
10:35 am Shootout at the Arthrex Corral: Bracket Style Competition Between Faculty, Judged by Audience
11:30 am Lunch with Re-Live Surgical Demonstrations
  • Knotless Anterior Labral Repair and Remplissage
  • Latarjet
12:30 pm ArthroLab™ Cadaveric Training (Group 1)
12:30 pm Interactive Cadaver Demonstrations (Group 2)
2:30 pm Cowboy's Conundrum: Interactive Case Discussion (Group 2)
3:30 pm Adjourn
Day 2: Friday, April 2, 2021
6:30 am   Breakfast
  Session III: Rotator Cuff
8:00 am What’s New in Rotator Cuff Solutions
8:10 am Biologic Therapies: PRP/Stem Cells – When, How, and Why? With Q&A
8:30 am Articular, Interstitial, and Bursal-Sided Partial Tears
8:40 am  Double-Row Repair: Why and How?
8:50 am Case Review/Technical Pearls Panel: Subscap and Post-Sup Tears
Session IV: Complex and Massive RCTs
9:10 am Tear Pattern Recognition and Mobilization of Massive Tears
9:20 am Biologic Augmentation for Reparable Cuff Tear
9:30 am Biologic Techniques for Irreparable Cuff Tears
9:40 am Indications for rTSA for Cuff Tear Arthropathy
10:00 am Case Review Panel: Complex Cuff Cases/Cuff Augmentation
10:20 am Case Review Panel: Massive Cuff Tears/Arthroplasty
10:40 am Rapid Fire Techniques:
  • Subscapularis Repair
  • Rotator Cuff Repair
  • SCR
11:00 am Challenging Shoulder Case Discussion
11:30 am Lunch with Re-Live Surgical Demonstrations
  • Subscapularis Repair
  • SpeedBridge™ Repair With Interconnected Medial Pulley
12:30 pm ArthroLab Cadaveric Training (Group 2)
12:30 pm Interactive Cadaver Demonstrations (Group 1)
Arthroscopic and Open Techniques
2:30 pm Cowboy's Conundrum: Interactive Case Discussion (Group 1)
3:30 pm Adjourn 
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