Lisa Gardiner, Sr. Communications Manager
Arthrex’s SynergyUHD4 Surgical Video System
  • About: The SynergyUHD4 surgical video system is designed to meet the specific needs of any surgical specialty. As the world’s first 4K endoscopic camera system, the 4-in-1 console revolutionizes endoscopic visualization and image management, making imaging throughout a procedure clearer and brighter. The streamlined system combines the latest true 4K imaging technology, LED lighting, image management and network integration, all controlled by a single intuitive tablet interface. Learn more at
  • Advantages of the SynergyUHD4 Surgical Video System: The Synergy ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K camera and display show crystal-clear patient anatomy and increases depth perception, making it more precise than systems using 1080p video. Synergy offers hospital and ambulatory surgery centers greater operational efficiency, increased surgeon and staff satisfaction, and a better patient experience.
  • Patients: Because the SynergyUHD4 surgical video system provides optimal visibility and clarity for surgeons in a minimally invasive way, patients often experience less pain, faster procedure time and a faster recovery. Patients should feel confident knowing their physicians are using the Arthrex SynergyUHD4 video system during their procedures.
  • Surgeons to interview about the SynergyUHD4 surgical video system:
  • Hospital administrators to interview about the SynergyUHD4 surgical video system:
    • Donita Fleming, Administrator and CEO (Memorial Hermann Surgery Center, Houston, TX)
    • Julie Diodene, RN, Chief Clinical Officer (Cypress Pointe Surgical Hospital, Hammond, LA)
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